The McMillan Dental Clinic is very accessible for dental tourism.


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San Miguel de Allende, a colonial-era city in Mexico’s central highlands, is known for its baroque Spanish architecture, thriving arts scene and cultural festivals.


In the city’s historic, cobblestoned center lies the neo-Gothic church Parroquia de San Miguel Arcángel, whose dramatic pink towers rise above the main plaza, El Jardín. The Templo de San Francisco church nearby has an 18th-century churrigueresque facade.


Other attractions by El Jardín include the Museo Histórico de San Miguel de Allende, which celebrates the life of Mexican independence leader Ignacio Allende within his former home, and the popular Mercado de Artesanías, where intricate indigenous handicrafts are sold.


Beyond the historic center rests El Charco del Ingenio, a botanical garden and wildlife sanctuary with extensive trails. The Instituto Allende is one of many schools throughout the expat-friendly city offering Spanish courses and art classes. The lookout point El Mirador, just outside town, provides far-reaching views.


Sometimes treatments take some time to complete. To save you a good amount of time, money, and fuel, we highly encourage that you stay in Hotel Monteverde.

As The McMillan Dental Clinic has partnered with Hotel Monteverde to offer excellent rates to our patients visiting from out of town. Book these packages with us directly, and get FREE transportation to/from the Leon (BJX) or Queretero (QRO) airports!

About Us

About The McMillan Dental Clinic

The McMillan Dental Clinic formerly (DENTAL AGE) is a Quality Oriented Dental Care Provider founded by Dr. Cedric A. McMillan in New York on May 27, 1984 at 724 Beverly Road , Brooklyn New York.


Later when Dr. McMillan expanded the office to incorporate Medical and Podiatry Services, the name was changed to Beverly Medical , Dental and Podiatry Facilities. And always delivering the highest standard of care to his patients.


Dr. McMillan visited the beautiful Hamlet of San Miguel de Allende(voted the best city in the world twice) and saw the urgent need to deliver Quality Dental care at affordable fees to the people of San Miguel de Allende, Gto.

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